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Angeles City Trikes
Our Policy
To provide our customers with the very best and most up to date equipment operated by experienced operators that will help make your visit to Angeles City the best it possibly could be.

Travel Tips
The hotel I recommend is the Hana Hotel
Tel: 6345-892-6666
I've personally stayed here many times excellent service. Good food friendly staff that work hard to make you comfortable.


Who we are and why we founded

Each single male traveler comes to the Philippines for different reasons some come here to meet the women of there dreams or someone they have met on the internet or just coming here to just have One Hell Of A GOOD TIME.

When I first travelled to Angeles City I came here to meet the women of my dreams but was a bit in the dark when it came to getting around quickly and affordably I was used to taxis or have my own vehicle to jump into and go where and when I wanted to go.

There are no taxis here in Angeles City the only means of transportation is trikes, unless you want to chase down a jeepney and end up in the wrong part of town.

I like the idea of using a trike but found that the side car was too small. Simple solution was building a bigger side car to fit us larger fellows from the west and operate it like a taxi service so you and your companion are comfortable.

My brother in law Esmer had always wanted to get into the trike business but lacked the resources so he approached me and I agreed to lend him a hand. That's how was born. Try our services I'm sure you will be impressed.